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Tumbling Groups for the month of August!
These are your tumbling groups for the month of August! These are not the final teams!  We divided groups based on ages and tumbling abilities as of the moment to make sure everyone gets equal amounts of tumbling work!  You will build in these groups as well as with other groups as described below.  We are still adding kids to teams this week so we will not set final teams until we have final numbers which should be no later than September 2nd.  There are 3 groups listed below. If youre name is highlighted you will also be stunting with another group during your practice times.  Hope this doesnt confuse you to bad!  Your tumbling and building times are listed under the list!  If your name was left off the list please let me know.  If you have any other questions ask Chad at the gym!  If you have any friends who missed tryouts invite them to come with you! Remember these are not team placements!  Everyone has optional allstar tumbling Wednesday at 7!  Look Forward to seeing you this week! 
Tumbling Group A

Kendall Hargraves
Alex Peebles
Miley Godwin
Reese Gardner
Madi Wehby
Addison Gamble

Kenley Graves
Grace Segars
Lizzie Kate Keith
Kileigh Christmas
Emma Williams
Savannah Wilson
Madelyn Sparks
*will build with A and B
Tumbling Group B
Haven Adams
Brooklyn Dunaway
Skylar Erwin
Allie Seelbinder
Lexi Turner
Kyleigh Bennett
Marrissa Step
Zoe Fields
Emylee Bartlett
Aubrey Hall
Madison Unruh
Sarah Tubbs
Cole Adams
*will build with B and C 
Tumbling Group C

Zoe Mullins
Katie Justice
Logan Justice
Baylee Mulford
Masie Boutwell
Emily Roper
Marley Croxton
Kylee Broadley
Grace Gardner
Hayleigh Hurt
Delaney Miles
Jehnna Webb
All Groups have optional all-star tumbling on Wednesday at 7-8

1:30-2:30 Tumbling Group A
2:30 -3:40 Tumbling Group C/ Building Groups A & B
3:40-4:00 Flexibility/ Jumps
 4:00 - 5:00 Tumbling Group B/ Building Group C
When teams are finalized we are looking to have a senior coed 4/5 team, a senior 3 team, and a youth 2 team
Once the teams are set in stone the schedule for sundays will be:
1:30 - 4 Youth 2
2:30 - 5 Senior Coed 4/5
3:30 - 6 Senior 3

Cowboy Cheerleading Center

All-Stars 2018-2019

Information Sheet

Try-outs Anytime

Teams: 3 


All teams will have a 2-3 hr practice on Sundays from August 19th – April 7th
There will also be an optional all-star tumbling hour on Wednesday every week.  No more than 2 misses allowed through December and mandatory January-April!


There will be between 5-7 competitions between February and April. More competitions may be added at a later date.  You are REQUIRED to be at all competitions!

All-star fees:

All-stars requires 6 payments
$400 due August 20th
$350 due September 10th
$350 due October 10th
$175 November 10th
$175 January 10th
$175 February 10th
These payments cover practice time, competition fees, uniforms, shoes, practice t-shirts, bags

Additional tumbling fee for all-stars (optional):

$50 1 class/week, $75 2 classes/week, $100 unlimited classes

Any Questions

Call Chad


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